May  June 2017
22 1234
Thursday, Jun 22, 2017   
Award Winner
AK-47  fagkickers Tex (135 kills with ak47)
AUG  guys the floor is made of floor (1 kills with aug)
AWP  Weebsters sG | MistaChang [SO] (59 kills with awp)
Bayonet  Hey Gamerz Midnight (6 kills with bayonet)
Butterfly Knife  Weebsters sG | MistaChang [SO] (2 kills with butterfly knife)
CZ75A  JaedynDoesMeth (4 kills with cz75a)
Desert Eagle  fagkickers Tex (18 kills with deagle)
Dual Berettas  SilvDualies Draeger A.K.A Samus (2 kills with elite)
Five-SeveN  boostedAPE (22 kills with fiveseven)
Glock-18  fagkickers Tex (1 kills with glock)
Kill Assists  SilvDualies Draeger A.K.A Samus (29 kill assists)
Knife  MrMineGuy (6 kills with knife)
Longest Kill Streak  boostedAPE (19 kills)
Longest Play Time  fagkickers Tex (02:14:20h hours)
M4A1-S  bitch (94 kills with m4a1-s)
M4A4  SilvDualies Draeger A.K.A Samus (38 kills with m4a4)
Most Damage  fagkickers Tex (35,757 damage)
Most Deaths  fagkickers Tex (141 deaths)
Most Headshots  fagkickers Tex (55 headshots)
Most Improved Player  fagkickers Tex (728 points gained)
Most Kills  SilvDualies Draeger A.K.A Samus (208 kills)
Most Suicides  fagkickers Tex (6 suicides)
MP7  Hey Gamerz Midnight (2 kills with mp7)
Nova  MrMineGuy (1 kills with nova)
P2000  MrMineGuy (2 kills with hkp2000)
P250  MrMineGuy (3 kills with p250)
PP-Bizon  Hey Gamerz Midnight (1 kills with bizon)
R8 Revolver  SilvDualies Draeger A.K.A Samus (22 kills with revolver)
Sawed-Off  THE BUSH W00KIE (2 kills with sawedoff)
SG 553  boostedAPE (7 kills with sg556)
SSG 08  fagkickers Tex (11 kills with ssg08)
Tec-9  Draeger (4 kills with tec9)
USP-S  SilvDualies Draeger A.K.A Samus (1 kills with usp-s)
Zeus x27  MrMineGuy (5 kills with taser)